Coming to see me?

You’ve probably seen 'therapy' sessions in the movies or on the telly. That teachery-doctor type person sat in a black leather chair staring over their glasses at a tearful patient lying on a sofa with their legs up. Real life isn't like that. (Although I will admit to wearing glasses and having a sofa.)

Each session usually lasts about an hour, but sometimes a bit more or a bit less depending on what we need to do. You'll be with your parents, or someone else who looks after you, so you won’t be alone. There's no 'rule' or 'plan' for what we talk about or do in a session, because it's your time and everyone's different. Sometimes we talk about parts of ourselves, like our kindness, strength, worry or love, sometimes we might play with some toys or make up a story together.

The important thing to remember though is that our time together isn’t about feeling sad or trying to change who you are. We're just helping you to understand what's happening, and feel better about it.