Building foundations

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Meet Helen Marcus...

Hi, I'm Helen. I'm a psychotherapist specialising in looked after and adopted children and teenagers, covering Norfolk and Suffolk.

A passionate approach

There are a wide range of approaches to therapy for children and teenagers, so I am trained in many different models to ensure I can deliver the best solution to match each individual.

How can I help?

Therapy isn't just about talking, and Temen doesn't just offer therapy. As a skilled and experienced practitioner, Helen is able to provide a range of solutions. This largely falls into four main categories, but if you don't see what you're after, just ask.

Want to know what I get up to?

Coming to see me?

Seeing a therapist can seem quite scary, but it probably isn’t what you think. It’s actually mostly just having a chat and playing games, and it’s all about you!

Got questions?

Contact us at :

Temen Ltd, 16 Chedworth Place, Tattingstone, Ipswich Suffolk, IP9 2ND

07754 253 424